Citations. You Need Them!

You Need Citations for Local SEO!

Every business owner wants to promote his business as much as possible . Citations are great for Local SEO as they help you leverage the power of your location in a meaningful manner.

What are local citations?

Local citations are online mentions regarding any local company’s phone number, address or name. They can appear in local business directories, in apps, websites and on social platforms as well. Citations offer a great SEO boost because they make your business a lot easier to find online. You can also manage citations to ensure that all data is very accurate and to the point.

Included in the local citation you can find quite a lot of information. You can add business categories, driving directions, company description, images, videos, hours of operation, payment options, taglines, fax numbers, email addresses, reviews and owner responses, geo coordinates, social media links and so on. The great benefit is that local citations can be as simple or as comprehensive as possible.

Should you go for local or traditional citations? Traditional citations are not as comprehensive and unless you sell something digitally to cover any region, they won’t work well. What you want are local citations, those that are fully focused on your local area. They work for any type of business and they can easily be adapted to your own needs.

NAP Citations

As the name suggests, NAP citations are rather simplistic and they include the name, address and phone number. NAP citations are great for any business because they offer enough information for the customer, but at the same time you get to access that much-wanted SEO boost too, so everyone wins here. That being said, in order for these citations to work, every piece of information needs to be correct. Add the NAP citations to any reputable local directory.

NAPW or UNAP citations?

The NAPW citations contain the same info as the NAP citations, however you also add your website here. And that’s great, because it offers you a great way to create backlinks naturally. And the best part is that customers will get to access your website easier, so everyone wins. UNAP citations are basically the same as NAPW citations, but the URL is added in the beginning for faster and better exposure.

In the end, using citations is a very good idea if you want to boost your SEO and promote your business locally. Adding these citations to a local directory is the best way to benefit from them. That being said, make sure that all the information is correct, otherwise you won’t be able to harness all the benefits. Used adequately, citations will make it easy for you to showcase your company info to clients, not to mention you can establish yourself as a great business within your industry. Plus, creating and using citations is cost-efficient, but the benefits are permanent and you will be very happy with the results!

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