Facebook Ads – Why should you use them?

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Facebook Ads are away of advertising your company and its services or products to the 2 billion plus users of Facebook. With such a massive number of users Facebook can be an incredible goldmine for your business

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are ads that you can use to promote your products or services on Facebook. They are designed to show customers what you have to offer, if there are any discounts or what makes your business different and more appealing to customers.

Also with a multitude of types there will always be a style that suits your needs. With there being different types of Facebook ads you can vary the look of your advertising campaign thus maintaining interest.

Why should you use Facebook Ads?

Because they allow you to target your desired customer. Facebook already knows quite a lot about its users, so targeting is a lot easier than you might imagine. Most forms of advertising tend to be of the “Shotgun” type whereas Facebook ads are “Rifle” being targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. Facebook is one of the few platforms where you can be so specific ensuring that your advert is seen by people who are more likely to respond to it and so deliver a high return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore another major benefit of Facebook Ads is that they are very effective in moving leads down a sales funnel. Lastly not only that but they are excellent in finding qualified leads when compared to many other platforms.

Should you consider using Facebook Ads?

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you just created your Facebook page or you had it for many years. However, that being said, just creating a Facebook page and writing content for it won’t get you that far. There are always thousands of companies that do the same thing.

If you want to get more exposure, you will have to start using Facebook Ads.

This is a customisable advertising solution designed to help you reach a large audience all being potential customers who are using digital devices.

Many small business become disappointed in Facebook because they can’t reach more than a tiny percentage of their fans without paying for ads. However let’s be honest Facebook is a business like theirs and derives its income from selling adverts!

Finally however when they do relent and try some advertising their ad campaigns never seem to convert in the numbers they were hoping for!

Here are seven common mistakes that are frequently made when using Facebook ads.

  • Targeting the wrong people.
  • Targeting the right people with the wrong message.
  • Sales pitch coming in too soon.
  • Targeting the right people with the wrong ad types.
  • Ignoring poor relevance scores.
  • Not testing ads.
  • Targeting is too broad.

How can you add Facebook Ads to your business?

The Digital Marketing Agency, located in Benidorm, offers you a high-quality Facebook Ad services. Being based in Benidorm makes us ideally placed to provide our services throughout the Costa Blanca North. We understand how challenging it can be running a business and we are here to help by removing the stress of trying to design, implement and monitor your Facebook Ads campaign. Our team of  digital marketing experts will analyse the business process and actively focus on offering you all the assistance and support you may need.


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